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Dr. Bob's "prescription" for the real alcoholic
Dr. Bob’s “prescription” for the real alcoholic

“The Home Group–Our Responsibility and Link to A.A.’s Future” (pdf)
Box 4-5-9

NoNameYet Fellowship Chat is an autonomous online A.A. Fellowship of recovered alcoholics first registered at USA-GSO as a face-to-face A.A. fellowship group in the early 1990s.  Folks occasionally ask about our name…

“No Name Yet” came from a fellow A.A. at Serenity Hall‘s (Elkhart, Indiana) coffee counter not long after our first “any two or three” (Tradition Three) had begun “calling themselves an A.A. group”.  When our fellow asked our name to be displayed on the board in the meeting hall’s entryway, we could only say we did not yet have one.  So, our fellow just picked “No Name Yet” from his box of letters and posted that…then we later asked him to just leave it there!


How to Register for a User Account here

Site registration here is simple-and-easy.  Just send us an e-mail from your e-mail address you would like to use and we will register your account and send you a password you can either keep or change.

Q: I forgot my password. How can I get (or how can I make) a new one?
A: To have a system-generated password sent to you or to make one of your own, just go to our Home Page and click Lost Password at the Login box…then continue from there.  If you have any difficulty with our system, just send us an e-mail.

Q: I want to change my user name for logging in here. Can I do that?
A: No, but send us an e-mail and we will gladly do that for you.  Just ask.

Q: I would like to have a different screen name in Registered Chat. Is that possible?
A: Yes, just ask.

Visitors and Guests: If you wish, you can enter a name
of your own choosing at “Guest ##” in our
Open Chat.

Q: I now have a new e-mail address. Should I re-register with a new account?
A: No, just let us know and we can update your account profile.

Multiple accounts for one user will be disabled until just one
has been selected. So, please be sure to only be yourself!

note: Unused accounts are deleted after 90 days of inactivity (no login).

Q: Why does this site have two chat windows?
A: To offer some privacy during meetings, Registered Chat is “members only”, so to speak. Then, we also have Open Chat where the only requirement is a desire to be there…and where people can even just “peek in” for a bit at first, if they wish. Overall, what we try to do here has been drawn from early A.A. days when “…scarce an evening passed that someone’s home did not shelter a little gathering of men and women, happy in their release, and constantly thinking how they might present their discovery to some newcomer…a time and place where new people might bring their problems.”
—”Alcoholics Anonymous“, the book, pages 159-160

Q: Does this site have moderators or monitors?
A: Yes, and they do not wear badges or tote tazers.

Q: Can I have both chat windows open at once?
A: Yes, and within just a few seconds after your regular Site Login, our system will automatically sign you in at both Chat windows…and we have things set that way so we can all watch for visitors and guests while we are here.  After logging in, however, you can decide whether you might want to open a new, full-size-window tab either for Registered Chat or Guest Chat or even for both.

Note: Entering Open Chat as a Guest does not log you in for Registered Chat
even if you use your registered username.  For Registered Chat, you must
first log in at the site, and that cannot be done at the Open Chat window.

Q: How can I know when someone might be “peeking in” at Guest Chat?
A: You will see “1 viewer” or “(#) viewers” inside the Guest Chat window…and yet no one there will be able to see anything at all in the Registered Chat window.

Q: Do you keep records of things people say and do here?
A: No, we do not. Our chat windows display posts only for about 30 minutes…and then everything ultimately just floats on out into cyberspace or wherever things go whenever the server cache is emptied.

Q: Where are the Smileys?
A: Those could be added here by paying a higher cost for Chat at out site.

Q: What are the rules here?
A: Do your best to help us all avoid needing any! For example…

Rule #1: Be nice!
Rule #2: If Rule #1 seems difficult, maybe have a quiet visit with your sponsor…

“Most of us sense that real tolerance of other people’s shortcomings and viewpoints
and a respect for their opinions are attitudes which make us more useful to others.
Our very lives, as ex-problem drinkers, depend upon our
constant thought of others and how we may help meet their needs.”

– “Alcoholics Anonymous“, the book, pages 19-20

First Edition "Circus Cover" Dust Jacket
First Edition Dust Jacket

Q: When I hover my mouse over that book, I see “Circus Cover”. What is that all about?!
A: “Ray C., a New York artist, was ‘commissioned’ to design the Dust Jacket for the book [as first printed in 1939]. One of his first design submissions showed a man marching forward with fists clenched and a determined look on his face. In the background was a bottle with another man trapped inside. The name, ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’, was in red across most of the cover, and ‘Their Pathway to a Cure’ was on the lower right-hand corner. Ray also designed what became known as the ‘Circus’ Dust jacket, the one that was eventually used. This cover was red, yellow, black and white with just the name, ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’, on top.” — Mitchell K.’s A.A. Library

See you in Chat!

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