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Our “Three Basic Text Study Aids” began in about 1985 while using 3×5 index cards in an attempt to make a concordance showing the page and line numbers for each word used within “Alcoholics Anonymous“, our Basic Text. For example, the first card had the word “war” at the top followed by “1-1” on the first line, then the second card was for “fever” with its own “1-1” to show it also appears on the first line of page one. Each word noted was then highlighted to mark progress…but by the time the end of “Bill’s Story” (Chapter One) had been reached, it had become quite apparent that a computer could make the overall job much easier and no more pages would have to be colored! So, and with PCs still in their infancy at that time, an 8-bit Commodore running at 4 MHz in fast mode next came into play to facilitate typing our book onto 5.25″ floppies along with a custom 6502-assembly-language program that could search the entire book – one-chapter-at-a-time – and return every sentence or paragraph containing any requested word or phrase. The first three searches ever done were for the words “God”, “alcoholics” and “others”…and yes, you heard correctly:

God, alcoholics and others is what Alcoholics Anonymous is all about!

Our Three Basic Text Study Aids

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