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Q: What is a “cookie”?
A: An internet “cookie” is a small piece of data typically passed between a website and your browser while you are visiting.  For example, our site’s cookies let your browser know it should change the color of a page link after you have viewed that page you had selected and visited.  Other cookies make it possible for our site to do things like adding your browser’s presence to the totals shown on our Visitor Map at the bottom without doing so more than once on any given day and even to dismiss (cancel) our “Cookie Notice” that might have sent you to this page.  During times you might be logged-in here, cookies are used for keeping you logged in…and then, if you wish, your browser can optionally store your login credentials as a “cookie” for you right there on your own computer or other device for your convenience the next time you visit our site and wish to be logged-in.  Cookies cannot transmit viruses or install malware, and our site does not serve “tracking cookies” that could ever be used by anyone to identify you at the personal level and/or to record or report you as someone who has been here.  For more information:

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