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Origins Of A.A. As We Know It

Here are the origins of A.A. as we know them: “The basic principles of A.A., as they are known today, were borrowed mainly from the fields of religion and medicine, though some ideas (our Twelve Traditions) upon which success finally depended were the result of noting the behavior and needs of the Fellowship itself.” (Forewords […]

From The Days Of Boo

Our desire here is to share a little about our No Name Yet Group’s “A.A. Ancestry”, so to speak, and for the purpose of recognizing and passing along the idea of continuing and building upon specific efforts of those who came before us.  Dr. Bob used to say something along the order of our Big […]

The Reason You Were Chosen

“You can help when no one else can.  You can secure their confidence when others fail…  Ministers and doctors are competent and you can learn much from them if you wish, but it happens that because of your own drinking experience you can be uniquely useful to other alcoholics.” “Doctors are rightly loath to tell […]

Elder Pics

As “Charlie & Joe” (see last) had learned and then began sharing during many “Big Book Comes Alive!” seminars during the 1980s, three essential elements came together at the inception of what some of us today still know as “the original A.A.” (where real alcoholics are never told to “Don’t drink!”): 1) Knowledge of our […]

Charlie P. & Joe McQ.

“People often say it took Bill and Bob to write the Big Book, but it took Joe and Charlie to explain it.” (source: The Legend of Joe and Charlie) The late “Charlie & Joe” were two men who met in 1973 and spent the next 30 years studying and trying to carry together the message […]

There is One

“…we could predict…presently love God and call Him by name.” — Step Twelve in “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions” — Sh’mah, Y’israel — YaHuWaH is One מי עלה־שׁמים וירד מי אסף־רוח בחפניו מי צרר־מים בשׂמלה מי הקים כל־אפסי־ארץ מה־שׁמו ומה־שׁם־בנו כי תדע Who has gone up to the heavens and come down? Who has gathered […]